Wednesday, August 29, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Finish Packet
                      Per. 3: Sign/ fix test
                      Per. 5: Sign/ fix test and PW 195 #16-21 (choose 3)
SANTA CRUZ- English: Spelling bk 92 and spelling tree map
                      History: NO Homework
MENDEZ- Math: Finish Classwork
                Science: NO Homework
RODRIGUEZ- Science: NO Homework
                      Math: Worksheet of Fractions ( Mixed Numbers)
SALAZAR- Math: Textbook pg 84 and #3-8 all 10-18 Even 20-29 odd
                 Science: NO Homework
VALADEZ- History: Finish Hominid Timeline DUE Friday
                  English: Ch. 1-5 vocabulary sentences and pictures
GONZALEZ- History: la & b, 2a, and 3 DUE Friday 
                     Read 180: NO Homework
                     English: Vocabulary sentences
JURADO- English: USB 91 + 92 and finish verb phrases poster
                 History: 1a & b, 2a, and 3

7th Grade
DAVIS- Workbook "Were the Crash Dumb Last Words"
DOMINGUEZ- Project: Trading DUE Friday
KHEYFETS- Spelling word Crossword puzzle 
                 Per. 1: Write 10 sentences
                 Per. 3: identify verbs
MIRKHANI- Workbook pgs. DUE Thursday and Finish Assessment pg 50 if not finished
MORENO, R- Create a word search all 20 Spelling words

8th Grade
ALLEN- Per. 1: Practice Workbook pg. 215 (4, 6, 11, 12)
             Per. 2,4: Textbook pg. 17 (10-17)
             Per. 3: Textbook: pg. 17 (10-17)
             Per. 6: Perimeter Problems Worksheet
TEITELBAUM- Study Guide questions Ch. 1 ALL Ch. 2 Section 1& 2 DUE Friday
LAMOTTE- Algebra: Workbook practice 2-5 #1-5 ALL must create chart or draw & label shapes
MORENO, C- Finish identifying Figurative Language Worksheet
WISDOM- Unit 1 packet complete lab pg 1

DENNERT- Work on final draft
PLOTKE- NO Homework
BURLESON- Practice cascade with plastic bags
DURAN- A word bank