Friday, February 21, 2014

Alvares-study quiz  work book pages 44-46
Carbonell-No Homework
Jurado-English no Homework History read pages 162-165
Moreno- Math l.29#4,6,8
Santa Cruz -History No homework English file folder cover decorated it and have the pictures on front 
Valadez - work on decorating folder images 
Mendez- l28 6 problems period 3 c253 workbook pages 44-46 p.s l29 handout 22&27  

7th grade
Davis- period 5 finish pages 5&6
Dominguez -No homework
Kheyfets   read 180 sign reflection English 7 symbol due monday 
Kodel-finish worksheet 
Duran-watch news  
Mirkahni- work on assignments 
Moreno-  complete childhood 
Rodriguez  - math finish pages 5&6 History Chinese pages 23
Allen-period 1&4 pht 9 pg25 periods 2,3&6 pht8 pg 27 
Teitelbaum- period 1&4 pht 9 pg25 period 2,3,6pht8 pages 27
Damen-no homework
Lamotte- no homework
Moreno-no homework
Wisdom-no homework
Plotke - no homework
velarde-no homework
stasill-no homework
Wu-no homework

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Alvares- Mathn order of operation worksheet science read pages 66-72
Carbonell-period 1 pw 42-46 period 3-5 pemdas worksheet
Gonzalez- History: hindusam Buddism worksheet English finish rough draft 
Jurado- All Research due tom
Moreno-science section 3 pg 72#1-2
Santa Cruz - Disney money
Valadez -No Homework
Mendez- l 25all

7th grade
Davis-pages 2-4
Dominguez -No Homework
Kheyfets-English 7 Secret assignment Read 180 workshop and test  on Friday  
Kodel-workbook pages 192-197
Duran-  work sheet on article  
Mirkahni-Evolution Project 
Moreno- Section assessment 
Rodriguez  - History Vocabulary worksheet / Math finish pages 3-4
Allen- period 1&4 ph +9 pg 24 period 2,3,6 pk+8 page24
Damen-  chapter 2
Lamotte-prepare for presentation  
Moreno-No Homework
Wisdom-No Homework
Plotke -practice log 
velarde-No Homework
stasilli-No Homework

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alvares- Math order of operations  work sheets  Science workbook pages (37-41)
Carbonell- No homework 128 worksheet 
Gonzalez-  History No Home work English spelling pg 112- Tree Map ( nouns-adj)
Jurado-English 10 words 108 vocabulary 
Moreno-science section 3 Graphic  Math l29
Santa Cruz - History No hw English spelling pg 119-112 spelling tree amp 
Valadez-English 10 words 108 vocabulary 

7th grade
Davis- secure 3 pages in spiral 
Dominguez - study pages 300-301 pg 302-303
Kheyfets-no homework
Duran-watch the news 
Mirkahni-workbook pg 192-197
Moreno- no homework
Rodriguez -packet/practice 
Plotke - practice log 
velarde-no homework
stasilli no homework
Wu-no homework

Friday, February 14, 2014

Alvares- lesson 281 Science no hw
Carbonell-no homework
Gonzalez-  worksheet no homework
Jurado-no homework
Moreno-no homework
Santa Cruz -no homework
Valadez-no homework

7th grade
Davis- finish graphic
Dominguez - no homework
Kheyfets- flash cards
Kodel-study guide
Duran- no homework
Mirkahni- evaluation project
Moreno-flash cards
Rodriguez math weekly reflection history weekly reflection

Teitelbaum-no homework
Damen- flash cards
Lamotte- no homework
Moreno-no homework
Wisdom-complete lab data
Plotke practice log
velarde-no homework
stasilli  no homework

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alvares- same  as Tuesday 
Carbonell-deth and complesity 
Gonzalez- bubble map  No homework 
Jurado-no homewrok 
Moreno-no homewrok
Santa Cruz -History reading English No Homewrok
Valadez-no homewrok 

7th grade 
Davis-finish pg 20 &233
Dominguez no homework
Kheyfets-Finish project 
Kodel-study for test on Friday 
Duran-word bank 
Mirkahni- finish project 
Moreno-spelling words 3x 
Rodriguez-Finish coordinate work sheet ch9 section 3 

Allen-no homework 
Teitelbaum no homework 
Damen- vocabulary book and money 
Lamotte-Benchmark same 
Moreno-no homewrok
Wisdom-no homework
Plotke practice log 
velarde-no homework
stasilli  no homewrok

Friday, February 7, 2014

Alvares- No Homework
Carbonell-No Homework
Gonzalez- No Homework
Jurado--English No Homework History No Homework
Moreno-Lesson25 section 2
Santa Cruz -No Homework English No homework

7th grade 
Davis-Word problem Worksheet
Dominguez-No Homework
Kheyfets-Final draft due Monday 
Kodel-Section assment pg226
Duran-Finish activities and watch news  
Mirkahni- Evolution project
Moreno-complete final draft
Rodriguez-Weekly reflection 

Allen-Reflection 4
Teitelbaum-vocab ch:8 lesson2
Damen-Quiz Monday 
Lamotte-No Homework
Moreno-get book
Wisdom-finish wc

Plotke- practice log
stasilli -nh


Thursday, February 6, 2014

6th Grade 
Alvarez-Math Lesson 26 Science  Same
Carbonell-Science pg 3-4
Gonzalez-English Sign Rubic
Jurado-History Read pg 155- whole pg English Bring project
Mendez-Math L25  handout  Period .5  Hand out pg2
Moreno-Science workbook pgs 33-36  Math 9,10,11,12
Santa Cruz -pg 149 expostory writing rubric
Valadez-English summary History write on page

7th Grade 
Dominguez-Reading Quiz pg232 pg 233fedual society
Kheyfets-Raft  Draft Due tomorrow  Research paper due tomorrow
Kodel-Study Vocabulary
Duran-Finish assign  paper
Mirkahni- Read Text Book pages 234-240 do section assment page 240
Moreno-complete persuasive essay draft cps project due tomorrow
Rodriguez-History Vocabulary Math ws pg 23 # 2-11

8th Grade 
Teitelbaum-No Home wrok
Damen-Quiz on Monday
Lamotte-No Homework
Moreno-No Homework
Wisdom- No Homework

Plotke- Practice Log
velarde-No Homework
stasilli - Bring Note Book and syllabus
Wu-Agenda Page

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6th grade Alvarez-Math finish lesson 25#13 pg7 Science work book Pgs 33-36 Carbonell- science work Bookpg 33-36 Gonzalez-pg 149 #1ac #2a #3a due Friday Jurado-write paragraph Mendez- Math finish cw science ch.2 vocabulary due Thursday Period 3 find are of square Moreno – Math #1,3,5,7 lesson 26 Science vocabulary Santa Cruz –History India pg 149 1a,1c,2a,2b,3a,3b English NO Homework Valadez – History No Homework English No Homework 7th Grade Davis-Worksheet pg 22 Color code Dominguez – spelling test pg 229 All words quick facts quiz pg 232-233 top of the page Kheyfets- Red 180 vocabulary squares 7th English Finish essay organizer Kodel-Vocabulary words Duran – Watch news Mirkhani – work book pages 115-119 Due Tomorrow Moreno – Finish Graphic organizer Rodriguez –Math pages 22 #1-10 History no Homework 8th grade Allen –period 1&4 project journal reflection period 2&3 same Teitelbaum – Damen – flash cards LaMotte- Finish project Moreno – No homework Wisdom –No Home work Electives Plotke – practice log Stasilli – No Homework Velarde – No Homework Wu- No Homework

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ms Duran

Finish Figuers