Monday, December 3, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Study! and check out quizlet (emailed to you) 
                          Math: Per. 5,3: Study 
SANTA CRUZ-English: Read Ch. 16 and answer questions and write summary
                           History: Study flash cards for benchmark 
MENDEZ-Science: study for test
                 Math: Study guide
RODRIGUEZ-Math: Finish study guide 
                        Science: Create 3 questions and answers for the test and any style MC, filling, matching) 
SALAZAR-Math: Txbk pg. 198 #5-17 
                   Science: Create flashcards for each fact from the study guide handouts
VALADEZ- History: Study flashcards
                     English: Per. 3: Ch. 13 reading questions and research card due tomorrow and get quiz signed 
                                    Per .5: Read Ch. 17 and 18 questions and summaries 
GONZALEZ-History: Study flashcards 
                       English: Ch. 17-18 questions and summaries
                        Read 180 :NO Homework 
JURADO-History: Study flash cards for benchmark 
                  English: Read Ch. 18 summary and questions for 17-

7th Grade
DAVIS- Finish Benchmark study guide
LA MOTTE- Wkbk practice 1-5 pg. 213 odds only, all for x.c. and finish CW
MIRKHANI-Genetics project
MORENO, R-Finish reading Ch. 9 and write a 2 paragraph summary

8th Grade
ALLEN-Per. 2,3,4: Txbk pg. 208-209 # 1-24 factors of 24
             Per. 1: Txbk pg. 271-272 #1-14
TEITELBAUM-Parent sign on Ch. 5 and 6 test DUE Tuesday and review questions DUE Tuesday 
KHEYFETS-Per. 1: Quiz signed 
                   Per. 2: Vocab. pg. 53-56 
LAMOTTE-Wkbk pg. practice 7-1#1-23 odd and 37-51 odd 
MORENO, C- Vocabulary L.S. 25, 26, 29 
WISDOM- Complete Review Unit 5 and Unit 6

DENNERT- Per. 1: Study for vocab. test tomorrow and "Childhood Obesity Research" DUE Dec. 12, 2012
PLOTKE-Puts her homework on her blog 
BURLESON- NO Homework 
STASILLI- Per. 5: Review Basketball Notes
DURAN-NO Homework