Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Finish PW 51-59 DUE Thursday and crossword DUE Thursday 
                          Math: Per. 3: Probability sheet 
                                       Per. 5: Return Percent Project 
SANTA CRUZ- English: Finish all classwork Test prep and spelling 
                           History: Finish standard review pg. 175-176 #1-5 questions 11-15 a and b only 
MENDEZ- Science: NO Homework  
                  Math: Classwork 
RODRIGUEZ- Math: Finish TB pg. 260 #1-14 
                         Science: TB pg. 103 # 1abc 
SALAZAR- Math: Finish Probability sheet 
                    Science: Packet work 
GONZALEZ- History: Study Grapes DUE Tomorrow 
                        Read 180: Any late and incomplete assignments 
                        English: Any incomplete and late assignments 
JURADO- English: Gum pgs. 35-36 all 
                   History: Study for test 

7th Grade
DAVIS- Study guide pg. 1 #1-15 separate computation paper  and finish CW if necessary 
DOMINGUEZ- Write a paragraph about what you know about the U.S. 
LA MOTTE: Unit 4 Study Guide front only and complete classwork 
MIRKHANI-Test tomorrow and study Study Guide 
MORENO, R- Complete CW (Study questions and Ch. report) 

8th Grade
ALLEN- Per. 6: Wksht Word Problems
              Per. 2 and 4: Ch. 6 test re-do questions 
              Per. 1: Quadratic Word Problems (1&3) 
              Per. 3: Wksht money and other items only 
TEITELBAUM- Ch. 13 notes packet DUE Thursday and Ch. 13 NP (Before) DUE Thursday, Cheat sheet index card DUE Thursday, Ch. 13 Test Friday 
LAMOTTE- Quadratic formula and continued Ch. 9 Review (front and back) 
MORENO, C- Grammar Ch. 8 LS 4 and 5 all Sections 
WISDOM- Complete packet and parent signature on packet 

DENNERT-Finish Rings of Responsibilities project  
PLOTKE- Homework online 
BURLESON- Bring P.E. clothes 
STASILLI- Bring P.E. clothes
DURAN- Worksheet on questions 
KHEYFETS-Per. 1: Chapter report 
                    Per. 2: Ch. 8 packet grammar
                    Per. 5: Ch. 1 Quote Analysis