Monday, April 29, 2013

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Get your packet together- DUE Tuesday 
                         Math: NONE
SANTA CRUZ- English: CST Test prep. pg. 56-57/ Spelling pg. 45 
                            History: Study for test tomorrow Ch. 9 Ancient Greeks 
                  Math: NONE
RODRIGUEZ- Math: CST review packet #30-45
                         Science: Bring a box with full/ finish Bill Nye notes
                    Science: NONE
VALADEZ- History: Study GRAPES- Test tomorrow on Ch. 9 Ancient Greece 
                     English: Spelling packet pg. 45-46./ CST Reading packet 
GONZALEZ- History: Study GRAPES test tomorrow 
                        English: Spelling pg. Next 4 pages 
                        Read 180: Bring Spelling book 
JURADO- History: Study for Ch. 9 in USB packet
                    English: pg. 49-52 in USB packet  
7th Grade
DAVIS- Wkbk practice 9.6 #8-13 all) 
DOMINGUEZ- Reading quiz 
LA MOTTE- Reteaching wksht Area of Circles (10-3) 
MIRKHANI- Look in your txtbk for labs for Science Fair and **Catalina money DUE May 17th 
MORENO, R- Finish pamphlet draft 

8th Grade
ALLEN- Per. 1: Pkt 2 pg. 13
              Per. 2 and 4: Canoe Problem  
              Per. 6: Finish which graphs match wksht 
              Per. 3: Pkt pg. 12 
TEITELBAUM- Create your own word search or crossword puzzle DUE Friday 
LAMOTTE- Work on Clearing red stamps or finish ch. 11 packet
MORENO, C- Review Handout "Appositives" 
WISDOM- Finish packet 

DENNERT- Per. 1 and 5: Wednesday - Rough draft DUE and shared 
                     Per. 6: Weekly reading, Fast Food Culture article 
BURLESON- Bring P.E. clothes
STASILLI- Bring P.E. clothes 
DURAN- Finish 1st draft