Thursday, September 5, 2013

6th Grade
ALVAREZ –math: sudy guide quiz#3  science: finish workbook pg.8(69-73)
CARBONELL- p.1&6: outline ch.4 sign test 126-162 p.3&5: pw 253 #1-9
GONZALEZ- all late work emglish: ch.2 questions& grammer
JURADO – read ch.3
MENDEZ- science: finish outline math: writing proportions#1
SALAZAR- science: drawing of symbols, txbk pg.30 q's pg.31 all wkbk pgs. 27,28,29 math:plotting
SANTA CRUZ- finish reading ch.2 answer questions for ch.2
Valadez- questions ch.3#132, ch.1 questions

7th Grade
DAVIS-  p.1,p.5: enrichment 6.8 depth and complexity frame p.2,p.3,p.6: reteach 6-8 depth and complexity frame
DOMINGUEZ- parent signature
KHEYFETS- read 180: vocab squares due tuesday  english: work on article work on summary
KODEL -  wb pgs.53-60 due friday
DURAN – none
MIRKHANI-src quizzes& missing assignments
MORENO- type summary
RODRIQUEZ-history: clear red stamps math: finish #1-20
8th Grade
ALLEN- p.1 7- p.1&p.4:txbkpg.126 2-18 even, finish questions4&5 p.2,p.3,p.6: pkt 3 pg.26 
TEITELBAUM-  extra credit due friday
DAMEN-p.1&p.4:born worker test tommorow 3 story vocab test tuesday p.2&5: vocab due fri other chaacter analysis p.3: debate tommorow
LAMOTTE- make sure b inder is ready continue workig on glpo task
MORENO, C-  study for elements test
WISDOM- wb pg.65 read pg.66-68#1-18
PLOTKE- check online blog