Thursday, October 24, 2013

6th Grade
ALVAREZ- math-LCM/6CF  wkst science- read ch.5 sec2 pg.181-187 answer questions pg.187 1-3
CARBONELL-  p.3- LCM/GCF#4-8 p.5-  LCM/GCF finish w/s
GONZALEZ-english:  concept map due tomorrow  history- late work due tommorrow
JURADO -english: work on setting  map - parent sinature on test  History: mummification project signature
MENDEZ- p.3-same p.5-L14 pg.1 only science-C5SL pictures and vocab due friday
MAGANA- math: complete doulbe sided w/s   science: vocab pg.181
SANTA CRUZ- english: read ch.9 annotote and answer questions  setting project due tommorrow  History: signature on mummy project rubric due tommorow
Valadez- history: mummification project due11/7-2 wks parent signature p.3- ch.8 quest and summary  setting map due tommorrow P.5-study guidesummary  test tom  ch.1-5
7th Grade
DAVIS- finish wksht
DOMINGUEZ-  GLPO project due tommorrow
KHEYFETS- english-ch 3 report  read 180: capitalization test tommorrow
KODEL - read 159 in textbook
DURAN – watch news
MIRKHANI- vocab words
MORENO- study for spelling test finish ch report
RODRIQUEZ-   math-finish all work by monday history-book of Islam project due Tuesday 
8th Grade
ALLEN- p.1,4: none
TEITELBAUM- ch.4  section 3 vocab due friday
DAMEN- p.1,4 :  read 24 complete w/s due tueday   p.2,5  monkeys paw w/s
LAMOTTE- Txbk pg.190#'s 2-8 E,18 txbk pg.196#'s1-13A homework Q'z tommorrow
MORENO,English-  Ll chains ch.11-15 and annotate and summary     journalism: ARTICLE 10 final draft
WISDOM- wkbk pg.105 read pg.106-108#1-5  U3A9-TB pg.214-221
PLOTKE- check online blog