Monday, December 9, 2013

6th Grade
ALVAREZ- unit  3 worksheet
CARBONELL- study guide
GONZALEZ- ch.19  summary and questions  study flashcards
JURADO -  study for benchmark practice packet
MENDEZ- study for benchmark 
MAGANA- benchmark study guide
SANTA CRUZ-study flashcards sign test and sentence
VALADEZ- summary read ch.20 study flashcards  p.5 read ch.16 questions
7th Grade
DAVIS- finish study guide
DOMINGUEZ- finish study guide
KHEYFETS- finish study guide  read180: workshop test Wednesday
KODEL - none
DURAN - none 
MIRKHANI- finish incomplete assignments prepare for presentation
MORENO- ch.1-12  study guide
RODRIQUEZ- history-japans contribution  math- study guide
8th Grade
ALLEN- practice wkbk pg.44-45
TEITELBAUM- benchmark B review due tuesday
DAMEN- P.4- finish study guide p.5- 20min. of working on project
LAMOTTE- complete benchmark B part2 ch.4/5 visually
MORENO- engish- create weebly do fig.language
WISDOM- circle map summary  choose project topic study for exam
PLOTKE- check online blog