Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alvares ~Lesson 32 worksheet 
Carbonell ~worksheet 
Jurado~ No homework
Moreno~no homework
Santa Caruz~ project finish chart 
Gonzales~history grapes 
Valadez~finish class work
Mendez~no homework
Davis ~pages 26-27
Domiguez~no homework
Kheyfets~read 180 vocabulary squares due friday 
Kodel~No homework
Mirkhani~get ready for evolution project presentations  Aquarium packet 
Moreno~study for spelling test 
Rodriguez~vocabulary workbook pages 26-27
Allan~period 1 pht 9 page 21 per 3&6 pages 3-5 period 2  pages 30 period 4 worksheet slope of line pages 22/ 25
Teitolbum~no homework 
Damen~ch.7 fold 
Lamotte~p.1 pk9 pgs 3-4 skb pages 1-2  p.2 solve boards problems 
Moreno ~No Home work
Wisdom~Finish missing work
Wu~ Homeowork due tomorrow page 31 next monday we will have a comprehension test 1-50 Question 
Stasilli~No homework
Velarde~No homework
Duran~ get old magazine