Wednesday, November 7, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL-Math: Per. 3: Proportions gift side 1
                                      Per. 5: Proportions gift side 1* use a calculator 
                        Science: NO Homework 
SANTA CRUZ- History: Write a rough draft essay using your mummy facts- DUE Friday  
                           English: NO Homework 
MENDEZ- Science: Read C554- pg. 196-202
                  Math: Finish CW
RODRIGUEZ-Math: TB pg. 194 # 1-11
                        Science: Ch. 5. 2 vocabulary
SALAZAR- Math and Science packet
VALADEZ-History: Mummification summary rough draft DUE Friday 
                    English: Per. 3: Finish Ch. 9 and Ch. 9 reading questions and journal summary 
                                   Per. 5: Read for reading counts
GONZALEZ- History: Pg. 100 1a,b 2a, b, 3a,b DUE Friday
                        English: NO Homework 
JURADO-History: NO Homework 
                  English: Per. 3: NO Homework
                                 Per. 5: Write final note card

7th Grade
DAVIS-Worksheet practice 11-1 pg. 463 #1-25 odd or 2-24 all x.c. (see sample)
DOMINGUEZ-Review DUE Today!!!
LA MOTTE-Wkbk practice 11-1 pg. 463 #1-25 odd or 1-25 all for x.c.
MIRKHANI-Vocabulary DUE Tomorrow 
MORENO, R-Project

8th Grade
ALLEN-Per. 1: Txbk pg. 245 #64-69
             Per. 2, 3, 4: Txbk pg. 150 #1-13  and practice wkbk pg. 
LAMOTTE-Finish CW and graphing using slope-Intercept ALL 
WISDOM-U4A3 and A4

DENNERT-7th: Final draft DUE Friday
                   8th: Final draft DUE Saturday 
PLOTKE-Puts her homework on her blog
BURLESON- Digital portfolio 
DURAN- Ven diagram 
KHEYFETS-Per. 1: Ch. 4 Report
                   Per. 2: Vocab. squares DUE Friday 
                   Per. 3: Monster character DUE Friday
                   Per. 5: Ch. 4 quote DUE Friday