Friday, November 9, 2012

6th Grade
SANTA CRUZ-History: Type final draft- mummy research 
MENDEZ-NO Homework
RODRIGUEZ-Science: NO Homework 
                        Math: Finish packet
SALAZAR-NO Homework 
VALADEZ-History: Work on mummy project-type summary DUE Next Friday
GONZALEZ-History: Egyptian mummification rough draft DUE Tuesday
                       Read 180: Finish sequence of events wksht 
                      English: NO Homework 
JURADO-NO Homework 

7th Grade
DAVIS-Power to wksht- 2 sided 
DOMINGUEZ-1st semester project DUE Wednesday 
LA MOTTE-1)Review power to power
                     2)What do you call wksht
                     3)Quiz 3 corrections/ reflections
MIRKHANI-Finish wkbk pgs. if not finished 
MORENO, R-Work on Google presentation  

8th Grade
ALLEN-Per. 1: Txbk pg. 255 #19-24
             Per. 2, 3, 4: Finish study guide
TEITELBAUM-Vocab. Ch. 6 Sec. 1&2 DUE Tuesday and finish CW
LAMOTTE-Project design slope wksht # 2 Midterm Study Guide
MORENO, C-Vocab. 4 square Ch. 11-15 Report My Access short story
WISDOM-Parent signature on checklist complete WB pgs. 

DENNERT-Per. 1: Final draft DUE 
                   Per. 5: Rough draft DUE by Sunday night 
PLOTKE-Puts her homework on her blog 
BURLESON-Digital portfolio and bring P.E. clothes
DURAN-Study for quiz
KHEYFETS-Per. 2: Ch. 12-15 and 16-19 reports DUE Tuesday