Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6th grade Alvarez-Math finish lesson 25#13 pg7 Science work book Pgs 33-36 Carbonell- science work Bookpg 33-36 Gonzalez-pg 149 #1ac #2a #3a due Friday Jurado-write paragraph Mendez- Math finish cw science ch.2 vocabulary due Thursday Period 3 find are of square Moreno – Math #1,3,5,7 lesson 26 Science vocabulary Santa Cruz –History India pg 149 1a,1c,2a,2b,3a,3b English NO Homework Valadez – History No Homework English No Homework 7th Grade Davis-Worksheet pg 22 Color code Dominguez – spelling test pg 229 All words quick facts quiz pg 232-233 top of the page Kheyfets- Red 180 vocabulary squares 7th English Finish essay organizer Kodel-Vocabulary words Duran – Watch news Mirkhani – work book pages 115-119 Due Tomorrow Moreno – Finish Graphic organizer Rodriguez –Math pages 22 #1-10 History no Homework 8th grade Allen –period 1&4 project journal reflection period 2&3 same Teitelbaum – Damen – flash cards LaMotte- Finish project Moreno – No homework Wisdom –No Home work Electives Plotke – practice log Stasilli – No Homework Velarde – No Homework Wu- No Homework