Friday, February 21, 2014

Alvares-study quiz  work book pages 44-46
Carbonell-No Homework
Jurado-English no Homework History read pages 162-165
Moreno- Math l.29#4,6,8
Santa Cruz -History No homework English file folder cover decorated it and have the pictures on front 
Valadez - work on decorating folder images 
Mendez- l28 6 problems period 3 c253 workbook pages 44-46 p.s l29 handout 22&27  

7th grade
Davis- period 5 finish pages 5&6
Dominguez -No homework
Kheyfets   read 180 sign reflection English 7 symbol due monday 
Kodel-finish worksheet 
Duran-watch news  
Mirkahni- work on assignments 
Moreno-  complete childhood 
Rodriguez  - math finish pages 5&6 History Chinese pages 23
Allen-period 1&4 pht 9 pg25 periods 2,3&6 pht8 pg 27 
Teitelbaum- period 1&4 pht 9 pg25 period 2,3,6pht8 pages 27
Damen-no homework
Lamotte- no homework
Moreno-no homework
Wisdom-no homework
Plotke - no homework
velarde-no homework
stasill-no homework
Wu-no homework