Tuesday, August 26, 2014

6th Grade
Alvarez-Finish Ch 7 Vocabulary due to Friday. Handout 
Carbonell-Science Ch 7 Vocabulary section 1-6 due Friday math finish handout
Jurado-No homework/ History Finish homework due tomorrow 
Zonshine-Read ch 2 1-2 Pages 36-39 Questions 1b,2a,3
Mendez-Finish ch 7 Vocabulary Friday / Math Handout
Moreno-Science Ch 7 Vocabulary section 1-6 due Friday / Handout
Santa Cruz-Pg 34
Vargas-Pg 34
7th Grade
Davis-Study for test
Dominguez-Project due 9/11
Kheyfets-Vocabulary pg 1-2 Spelling pg 89-90
Kodel-Study for test
Duran-Watch the news
Mirkhani-Lab report intro
Seong-Finish study guide 
Simon-Complete pg 89-90 (pg-90) 1-2
8th Grade
Allen-Skills/Practice pg 365-368 #13-18
Damen-Project out/stop in spiral
Gonzalez-Spelling pg 96 Spelling Bingo due Friday
LaMotte-Skills and practice pg 365-368 13-18 all
Rodriguez-Project due Friday
Wisdom-Finish introduction (Lab report)
Other teachers
Leandro-No Homework
Velarde-No Homework
Stasilli-No Homework
Valadez-No Homework
Young-No Homework

Plotke- Check Website