Friday, August 22, 2014

6th Grade
Alvarez-S.P 37 Vocabulary #1-2 Problem set 1-6 (20-22)
Carbonell-No Homework
Jurado-No Homework
ZonshineNo Homework-
Mendez-No Homework
Moreno-No Homework
Santa Cruz-No Homework
Vargas-No Homework
7th Grade
Davis-Finish all missing assignments
Dominguez-GLPO project due all type notes due Monday
Kheyfets-Symbol due Tuesday
Kodel-Cornell notes pg 21-26 Waves worksheet properties of light
Duran-No Homework
Mirkhani-Eye project
Seong-Finish in-complete assignments 
Simon-Individual symbol due Tuesday
8th Grade
Allen-Honors Period 3 only (pg 7-9 #a-d) 
Damen-Understanding spelling bingo due Friday/current event due Friday
Gonzalez-Finish work
LaMotte-p.1/2 p.3 Student assignment/1.4 
Rodriguez-Ch.2 sec 1/2 Vocabulary due Monday
Teitelbaum-Ch 2 Sec1  and 2 vocabulary
Other teachers
Leandro-No Homework
Velarde-Write down food log
Stasilli-No Homework
Valadez-No Homework
Young-No Homework
Plotke- Check the website