Wednesday, August 28, 2013

6th Grade
ALVAREZ –math:ratio table wkst  science: study guide study for ch.1
CARBONELL-study the guide per.3 sign fix quiz
GONZALEZ-History: pg.43 # 1a,1b,2a,2b due friday english: bring journal and book
JURADO –history: finish hw do tommorow english:finish reading pg.3-10 and summary 
MENDEZ- Math:tables and equivelent r   Science:work on pg.1 of project
SALAZAR-study giude
SANTA CRUZ-  english: finish writing predictions in journal P.1 textbook pg. 34 1a,2a,3a,4a, copy question answers due friday
Valadez-history:  read pgs. 36-39 copy questions due friday

7th Grade
DAVIS-  finish what place where the crash dummies wkst value must show work on a separate sheet of paper also computation paper
KHEYFETS- read 180: project due tommorow  english: finish summary organizer
KODEL -  none
DURAN – worksheet on vocabulary on verbs
8th Grade
ALLEN- p.1 7- p.1&p.4: txbk pg.116(27-28) odd p.2,p.3&p.6 : pkt2 pg.28-29
TEITELBAUM-  colonial government due wed.
DAMEN-p.1&p.4: none p.2&p.5: friendship trait p.3: food day tommorow current event due: friday 
LAMOTTE- p.1 perimeter and consecutive integers wkst front and back
MORENO, C-  grammar ch.1 5&6 pg. 14-18
WISDOM- complete packet

PLOTKE- check online blog
CHINESE CLASS – asingment #4 silk