Thursday, August 29, 2013

6th Grade
ALVAREZ –study guide quiz #3
CARBONELL-graph tables 1&6
GONZALEZ-ch.1 questions and summary
JURADO – ch.1 questions
MENDEZ- p.1:study cards for quiz p.2: work on project quiz trade p.5: plooting pairs of values
SALAZAR- packet work lab observation P.2 work packet
SANTA CRUZ- p.1 finish pg.34 P.2 helping verb song, questions to ch.1
Valadez- P.1 questions due tommorow p.2 reading questions ch.1 p.3 journal questions

7th Grade
DAVIS-  wkbk pg.341 odds only
DOMINGUEZ- parent signature
KHEYFETS- read 180: simple predicate quiz  english: rough draght
KODEL -  section assessment
DURAN – none
8th Grade
ALLEN- p.1 7- p.1&p.4: finish glpo wkst p.2,p.3&p.6 :pkt 2 pg. 22
TEITELBAUM-  current event: syria due friday
DAMEN-p.1&p.4: complete wkst 2-4 p.2&p.5: vocab due friday p.3:  debate tommorow 
LAMOTTE- p.1 perimeter and consecutive integers wkst back only
MORENO, C-  character analysis-tell tale heart, my acess 4th draft
WISDOM- parent signature on pre-test

PLOTKE- check online blog
VELARDE- sorting wkst
CHINESE CLASS – asingment #5