Monday, August 26, 2013

6th Grade
ALVAREZ – ratio table wksht study notes
CARBONELL-pw.27-29 due wed, study study guide
GONZALEZ – pg.39&13 history english: grammer pg.8-9
JURADO –history: finish hunter gatherer project english: gum pg.9 & and pg.11-12
MENDEZ- Math: finish math handout using procedure map Science: complete safety symbol
SALAZAR-wkbk pg.20-21, wkbk pg.65 txbk pg.211-15-23
SANTA CRUZ- p.39 textbook only ac # 3 history english: grammer bk pg.10-12 
VALADEZ- finish hunter gatherer due wed grammar wkbk pg.11-12

7th Grade
DAVIS-  finish worksht 1-8 packet due tommorow
DOMINGUEZ-spelling test rome pg.23 all words
KHEYFETS- read 180: finish typing summary 7th english: grammer p.7-12
KODEL -  none
DURAN – finish A B C book
MIRKHANI- study and review your study guide test tommorow
MORENO, R-complete grammer cw p.7-12
RODRIGUEZ- rome project 8/28/13 integer project due

8th Grade
ALLEN- p.1 7-20 board problems finish note word problems p.2 practice book pg.25
DAMEN-p.1test wed. complete questionsp.2 complete diary entry p.3 debate fri. 
LAMOTTE- p.1 wkbk pg. 175 pract.2-5
MORENO, C-   p.1 ls 4-5 pg.7-10 all p.2 vocab packet ls 1-5
WISDOM- finish lab report 

PLOTKE- check online blog
CHINESE CLASS – the spread of buddhism duetommorow