Monday, September 17, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Concept map/ Wkbk pg. 74-77 DUE Thursday
                          Math: pg. 3-&5 and finish wksht A #1-26
SANTA CRUZ- English: Grammar bk pg. 17-18, revise friendly letter (R.D) 
                           History: Read pg. 56-59 and copy the questions & answers #1a, 1b ,1c, 2a DUE Wednesday 
MENDEZ-Science: NO Homework
                 Math: CW other side of wksht
RODRIGUEZ- Science: Wkbk pgs. 78-81 ALL DUE Wednesday
                         Math: Finish fractions packet
SALAZAR- Math: Study packet
                    Science: Study packet
VALADEZ- History: Read pg. 56-59 pg. 59 # 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a DUE Friday
                    English: Grammar Wk pg 16-18 
                    Per. 3: pg. 17 ONLY!
                    Per. 5: Friendly Letter DUE Friday- Final draft
GONZALEZ- History: NO Homework
                        Read 180: NO Homework
                        English: Grammar pg. 17-18 and work on Friendly Letter Revisions

7th Grade
DAVIS- NO Homework  Test Tomorrow
DOMINGUEZ- Typed Notes DUE Thursday "West African Project" DUE next Tuesday 9/25/12
KHEYFETS- Vocab. and Spelling pg. 9-10 & 97-98
                    Per. 2: Vocab. 11-14  & L-1-5 Pk
                    Per. 3: Peer survey and plot structure DUE Wednesday
MIRKHANI- Study your study guide Test Tomorrow
MORENO, R- Complete spelling CW & Mind Map
LAMOTTE- NO Homework

8th Grade
ALLEN- Per. 1: Finish study Guide
              Per. 2 and 4: Practice Wkbk pg. 41 # 1-7 adn pg. 43 1-7
              Per. 3: Pg. 41-43 #1-7
              Per. 6: HW packet Ch. 3 # 1
TEITELBAUM- Per. 1,2,3,4: Finish Ch. Preview review
                         Per. 6: NO Homework
LAMOTTE- Finish CW wkbk  and practice 3-4
MORENO, C- Finish vocab. LS 6-7 pg. 11-14 and context clues packet
WISDOM- Complete CW U2A5 & Wkbk pg. 66-68

MONTANARO- Computers Rings of Responsibilities 
STASILLI- Bring P.E. uniform
DURAN-NO Homework