Thursday, September 6, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Finish outline pg. 140-161
                         Math: Per. 3 PW 201 # 1-31 odd
SANTA CRUZ- English: Review Ch. 1 finish reading and answer Ch.1 questions #2 only
                           History: Study for test-G.R.A.P.E.S and Cornell notes
MENDEZ- Science: Finish outline, read Section 1
                  Math: Finish CW
RODRIGUEZ- Math: Finish "+" and "-" fractions worksheet WB pg 197 #1-24
                         Science: Color your sketches lab booklet DUE tomorrow
SALAZAR- Math: Packet and worksheets
                    Science: The packet
VALADEZ- History: Review and study for test
                    English: Per. 5 reading questions Ch. 2 and finish summary of Ch. 2
                   Per. 3: Finish CH. 1 questions and some of Ch. 2
GONZALEZ- History: Study using G.R.A.P.E.S( Test tomorrow) ALL MISSING                                             ASSIGNMENTS
                   Read 180: ALL MISSING ASSIGNMENTS
                   English: Study spelling test lesson 5 pg. and ALL MISSING ASSIGNMENTS
JURADO- History: Pg. 47 #1-7 DUE Tomorrow and study for test
                   English: Finish Ch. 2 Egypt Game Pg. 11-21

7th Grade
DAVIS- Store discount and tax/tip worksheets
DOMINGUEZ- "Rise of Islam" project DUE Next Tuesday and sign your progress report
MIRKHANI- Finish your Digital Portfolio (your science pg. URL) to
MORENO, R- Complete rough draft ( 5 paragraphs) 

8th Grade
ALLEN- Per. 1: Txbk pg. 147 #51-56 odd
              Per. 2 & 4: Txbk pg. 32 # 2-13 all 
              Per. 6: Final draft of P.C. solving equations and study guide
TEITELBAUM- NO Homework!! Extra credit  see Obama's speech and write 2 paragraphs about what you think 
LAMOTTE- Complete mind map (must be colored) Extra credit: complete study guide #3
MORENO, C- Study for test
WISDOM- Complete procedure and data for lab

DENNERT- Research computers: all assignments DUE Friday
PLOTKE-Per. 1: Red book pg. 6+7
               Per. 2: Beige book pg 8-13
               Per. 4: Red book 6-9
               Per. 5: Red book 30-35 Warm- up
               Per. 6: Beige book 40-47 
BURLESON- Bring P.E. clothes
STASILLI- Bring P.E. clothes and practice stomp
DURAN- Vocab. square DUE Tomorrow
LEANDRO- NO Homework