Monday, September 10, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Concept Map; Wkbk pg. 67-73 DUE Thursday
                        Math: Per. 3 Complete and study guide 
                                     Per.5 test Wed./ Thurs. 
SANTA CRUZ- English: Ch.1 Egypt Game questions #3-7 and finish reading Ch.2 pg. 11-21 DUE tomorrow
                           History: Finish tree maps "The Development of Cities"
RODRIGUEZ- Science: Finish Ch. 4.1 vocab. and WB pg. 70-73 DUE Thursday 
                         Math: Finish practice pg. 124 #7-26 and WB pg. 199 #1-22
SALAZAR- Classwork
VALADEZ- Complete classwork DUE Wednesday 
                    English: Per. 3 Spelling WB pg. 96 and word search reading questions Ch.2 
                                   Per. 5 Spelling WB pg. 96 and word search
GONZALEZ- History: Finish classwork 
                       Read 180: NO Homework
                       English: Grammar pg. 14 Egypt Game questions Ch. 2

7th Grade
DOMINGUEZ- "Rise of Islam" DUE 9/11 "Typed notes" DUE 9/17
MIRKHANI- *Know the functions of different parts of the eye
                      *Packet DUE Tomorrow
MORENO, R- CW pg. 7-8 and pg. 95-96
LA MOTTE: Simple interest handout odds only for extra credit

8th Grade
ALLEN- Per. 1: D-C Wksht
              Per. 2-4: Practice wkbk pg 183 #10-21
              Per. 3: Txbk pg 32 #2-18
              Per. 6: D-C wksht inequalities
TEITELBAUM- Per. 1 and 2: pg. 61 #1-2
                          Per. 6: Finish "Take a Stand" poster
LAMOTTE- Parent signature on test & reflections and complete test corrections and reflection 
MORENO, C- Finish vocab. LS 4 & 5  pg. 7-10
WISDOM- WB rip out pg. 65-87

DENNERT- Journalism: Jaguar's call progress and concept map DUE 9/14
                    Computers: NO Homework