Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: NO Homework
                          Math: Puzzle Worksheet
                          Per. 3 and Per. 5: PW 199 # 5-18
SANTA CRUZ- English: Finish reading Ch. 1 ONLY 
                           Per.1: Underline character vocab. and Study G.R.A.P.E.S for test/ TxBk                        pg. 47 # 1-7 DUE Friday
MENDEZ- Skill 11 practice
                  Science: NO Homework
RODRIGUEZ- Math: Fractions Wksht (No WB tomorrow) Pg. 114 # 2-17 sketches booklet DUE Thursday 9/6/12
SALAZAR- Work Packet for Math and Science
VALADEZ- History: Pg. 47 # 1-7 
                    English: Egypt Reading questions Ch. 1 
GONZALEZ- English: Warm-Up Spelling Quiz  and read Ch. 1 of the Egypt Game and annotate in book summary in journal dismissal 
JURADO- History: Pg. 45 DUE Tomorrow # 7a, 7b, 7c
                   English: Egypt Game questions Ch.1

7th Grade
DAVIS- Finish Quiz correction, sign quiz and reflection
DOMINGUEZ- Finish project DUE Next Tuesday
MIRKHANI- WkBk pgs. 47-48 and "Digital Portfolio Your site" DUE Friday
MORENO- Complete graphic organizer and intro. paragraph
LAMOTTE- Finish CW Commission and Irrational #'s 

8th Grade
ALLEN- Per. 1: Finish  P.C. WkSht Inequalities
              Per. 2  & 4: Combining like term WkSht 
              Per. 3: Combining like term Wksht
              Per. 6: Second side to study guide
LAMOTTE- Finish Ch. 1 and 2 Study Guide # 2 Test Friday
MORENO, C- Organize English Notebook finish Cornell Notes summary for Literacy Devices and study for elements of Fiction Test 
WISDOM- Complete first draft of Depth and Complexity, complete Reflection Frame

PLOTKE- On website 
STASILLI- Practice stomp and bring materials
DURAN- Finish compare and contrast essay