Wednesday, February 27, 2013

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: finish out line
   Math: none
SANTA CRUZ-  english: finish poster project due friday
                            History: type finish hinduism/ nbuddism paragraphs 
MENDEZ-Science: Finish drawings
                 Math : apple pie #'s 1-7
RODRIGUEZ- AMth: txt bk pg. 254 #'s 5-18
SALAZAR-Math: finish packet
                  Science: WK bk pgs.
VALADEZ- P.3 finish paragraphs (6 total)
                     P.5 Work on final poster
GONZALEZ- History: typed final draft due friday
           Read 180: Final Draft typed due friday
JURADO- History : none 
                    English: finish poster

7th Grade
DAVIS- Work Book pg. 371  
 my at show work on seperate computation paper 
     *must graph
KHEYFETS-  P.1: extra credit due mon., book due mon
                     P.5 journal entries due mon
MIRKHANI- Dissection today finish lab report

8th Grade
ALLEN- P.3 Geo Packet 5 Pg. 4-5
              Complete study guide 
              P.1 TxtBk pg. 460 (#'s 7-12)
TEITELBAUM- Vocab ch.13 section 4 due friday
KHEYFETS- P.1 Extra Credit Due Mon(Book due monday)
                     P.5 Journal entries due monday 
LAMOTTE- 8th grade: Text book page 460 #'s 1-9 odd check anwers on back of text book
                    7th grade : none
WISDOM- Complete lab title , intro, and hypothesis

DENNERT-7DL : malware research due next week 
                   8Dl : Discussion questions due
                  Jounalism: quick write
PLOTKE- Has her own website
BURLESON- bring P.e clothes
STASILLI- Bring Pe clothes
DURAN- worksheet chapter 4
KHEYFETS- P.1 : extra credit due mon., book due mon
                     P.5 journal entries due mon