Monday, February 25, 2013

6th Grade
CARBONELL-Science: Finish outline 
                         Math: Finish project 
SANTA CRUZ-English: Finish writing 5 paragraphs DUE Tomorrow and start typing each one, needed for Wed/ Thursday P.S on rubric
                          History: Rewrite your Hinduism/ Buddism paragraph to final draft DUE Tomorrow 
MENDEZ- Math: Project DUE Tomorrow
                 Science: Vocab pg. 108 and 115
RODRIGUEZ- Math: WB pg. 259 and 261 DUE Wednesday 
                          Science: Study for Chapter test (rocks and weathering) 
SALAZAR- Math: Wk packet and project 
                    Science: Work packet 
GONZALEZ- History: Finish writing paragraph
                        Read 180: Final draft (Typed) DUE Friday
                        English: Print pictures, titles for project
JURADO-History: Finish outline and finish paragraph 
                  English: Finish conclusion and print pictures of African American and family member and buy a poster board 

7th Grade
DAVIS-Textbook pg. 669 44-51 and write problem and write equation and solve 
DOMINGUEZ- Reading quiz DUE Tomorrow and Quick Facts quiz 
LAMOTTE- Depth and Complexity 
MORENO, R- Complete classwork 

8th Grade
ALLEN-Per. 6: Txtbk pg. 447 # 10-18
             Per. 2 and 4: Finish Geo pk #5 page 5
             Per. 1: Txt bk pg. 450 check point # 1-8 
             Per. 3: Rate Word problems plus skill builder 
TEITELBAUM- Vocab Ch. 13 Sec. 3
LAMOTTE- Txtbk pg. 447 # 1-9 ALL (make answer column) 
WISDOM- Complete U7A7 

DENNERT-Per. 1: 7DL - Comic Strip DUE Tuesday 
                   Per. 5: 8DL- Questions DUE Next Monday 
                   Per. 6: Journalism- Weekly Reading get started 
DURAN- NO Homework 
KHEYFETS- Per. 1: Vocab and spelling lesson 14 pg. 115, 116, 27-28 
                     Per. 2: Grammar Ch. 8 Lesson 1 and 2
                     Per. 3: Final draft DUE Tomorrow 
                     Per. 5: Finish prediction Handout