Thursday, February 21, 2013

6th Grade
CARBONELL-  Math:  Wksht both sides
                                        Per. 5: Concept Map 
SANTA CRUZ-English: NO Homework 
                          History: Finish mind maps and color/ draw and no clip art! DUE Friday 
MENDEZ- NO Homework 
RODRIGUEZ- Science: Txtbk pg. 77 1-3 
                         Math: NO Homework 
SALAZAR- Math: Txtbk pg. 250 #10-26 and Txtbk pg. 254 #7-19 
                    Science: Packet work 
VALADEZ- History: NO Homework 
                     English: Per. 3: Bring finished interview and research papers papers Friday
                                    Per. 5: Finish graphic organizer Early Life and career paragraph done 
GONZALEZ- Complete rough draft DUE Friday 
JURADO- History: NO Homework 

7th Grade
DAVIS-Finish pg. 24 and 25
DOMINGUEZ- Pg. 61 Quick Facts *Timeline
KHEYFETS- NO Homework 
MIRKHANI- Evolution Project DUE Monday 
MORENO, R- CPS vocabulary book 

8th Grade
ALLEN- 2 and 4 text book pg. 232 (1-13) odd 
period; 6 textbook pg. 454 (1-20 ) 
H.W packet due Wednesday 
Rate graphs wksht and skbuden 
Re-do hw textbook hw pg. 232 ( 2-14 ) even  
TEITELBAUM- Vocab ch. 13 sec.1 and 2 ch.13 preview due friday 
MORENO, C- none
WISDOM- none 

DENNERT- none 
BURLESON- bring pe clothes 
STASILLI- bring pe clothes 
DURAN- word bank level 1 and level 2