Monday, February 4, 2013

6th Grade
CARBONELL-Science: Finish Bill Nye Video Notes 
                         Math: Per. 3: PW 253 odd
                                      Per. 5: PW 253 #1-12 change top percent
SANTA CRUZ-English: Comprehension wksht using test strategies due: Tuesday 
                          History: Finish Indian timeline DUE Wednesday 
MENDEZ-Math: Pg. 237 #8-17 and 23-25 
                  Science: Bring bar soap for lab
RODRIGUEZ-WB pg. 147 #5-22 DUE Wednesday and finish work DUE Tuesday 
                        Science: Vocabulary Ch. 2 section mineral 
SALAZAR-Txbk pg. 237
                   Math: 8-17 
VALADEZ- History: Complete timeline DUE Wednesday use color and a ruler 
                    English: Showy Day Highlight 
GONZALEZ-History: Complete timeline DUE Wednesday 
                       English: Sow day passage 
JURADO-History: Complete timeline DUE Wednesday
                  English: Read "A Snowy Day" and answer questions Bring VSB and gum books 

7th Grade
DAVIS- NO Homework 
DOMINGUEZ-Read pages 24-29 *RQ # 1 Tomorrow 
LA MOTTE- Make sure you submit all ESY work! 
MORENO, R-Complete setting and vocabulary CW and get novel sheet signed

8th Grade
ALLEN-Per. 6: Homework packet #1 Factoring and txbk pg. 402 #13-27 ALL 
             Per. 2 and 4: Txbk pg. 109 #1-25 odd 
             Per. 1: Txbk pg. 407 #10-24 
             Per. 3: Txbk pg. 109 #1-25 odd 
TEITELBAUM-Txbk notes for project DUE Tomorrow and post it's DUE Wednesday 
LAMOTTE-Txbk pg. 402 #13-27 ALL
MORENO, C-Study for test on Friday and review notes and books DUE next week 
WISDOM-Ripout wkbk pg. 155-170 

DENNERT-NO Homework 
MONTANARO-Sign syllabus 
STASILLI-Bring 2 dollar donation on Tuesday and Wednesday 
DURAN-NO Homework