Wednesday, October 24, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL-Science: Finish outline 
                         Math: Per. 3- wksht #1-19 odd try 21-39 odd 
                                      Per. 5- Finish wksht A
MENDEZ-Math: NO Homework
                Science: Finish outline
RODRIGUEZ-Math: WS to solve
                        Science: Finish Ch. 5 outline
SALAZAR- Math: Txbk pg. 196 #5-16
VALADEZ-History: Finish labeling map and get test signed 
                   English: Group 1- Ch. 6 reading questions and get test signed
                                  Group 2-Spelling WB pg. 103-104 and bubble map 
                                  Per. 5: Research Ch. 8 pg. 67 "Prisoners of Fear" Annotate book, journal, summary map project DUE Tomorrow
GONZALEZ- History: pg. 92 1a b c, 2a b, and 3 a b DUE Friday
                       Read 180: Missing assignments DUE Friday
                       English: Read Ch. 8 Do summary in journal project DUE Tomorrow
JURADO- History: Study for test 
                   English: Read Ch. 8 summary questions and research top sentence

7th Grade
DAVIS- Wkbk practice 4-B pg. 297 even (all for x.c.)
DOMINGUEZ- Study for mid-term
LA MOTTE- Wkbk practice 4-8 pg. 297 evens, all for x.c. and mini-bio for person #5
MIRKHANI- Finish webquest, missing assignments and SRC Quizzes
MORENO, R-Finish grammar CW and complete Ch. 2 report

8th Grade
TEITELBAUM-Ch. 4 note packet DUE Monday and get signature and crossword
LAMOTTE-Finish CW # 12 and 13 vocab. notes review
MORENO, C- Finish Ch. 1-4 report, must be colored and all sections must be colored
WISDOM-U3A11 and wkbk pg. 105-108

PLOTKE-puts her homework on her blog
DURAN-WS abject and buy shoe box or poster 
KHEYFETS-Per. 2: chains Ch. 1-4 Report DUE Tomorrow