Thursday, October 4, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL-Science: Label sea-floor spreading for extra pts. and wkbk pg. 87-90 DUE Friday
                        Math: Wksht activity 29
SANTA CRUZ-English: Study Spelling Study Guide Test Tomorrow
                           History: Finish HW wksht
MENDEZ- NO Homework
RODRIGUEZ- Math: Expressions WS
                         Science: Pg. 17 Parent signature and SRI Reflection w/parent signature
SALAZAR-Math: Work packet and Science work packet
VALADEZ-History: NO Homework
                    English Per. 3: Study for spelling test
                    Per. 5: Answer Ch. 6 questions and journal 
GONZALEZ- History: continue to work on Hammurabi's hw DUE Friday
                        English: Ch.6 questions and study for spelling test
                       Read 180: NO Homework

7th Grade
DAVIS-Finish word problems form CW:-Flow map, packet DUE Tomorrow and quiz Tomorrow (Fractions/ordering operation
DOMINGUEZ-Vocabulary Development of China DUE Friday
MIRKHANI-Finish CW section assessment pg. 95(if not finished in class) and finish WS
MORENO, R-Complete reflection sheet and get it signed and study for spelling test

8th Grade
ALLEN-NO Homework
TEITELBAUM-Ch. 3 notes packet DUE Tomorrow
MORENO, C-Vocabulary 4 square DUE Tomorrow vocab. and collage
WISDOM-Complete U3A2 WB pgs. B2-122

PLOTKE-Puts her HW online
BURLESON-Bring P.E clothes over break 
DURAN- Final draft of essay
KHEYFETS-Per. 1,3: SRI Reflection signed 
                   Per. 2: Vocab. squares DUE Monday 10/15
                   Per. 5: Character project DUE Monday 10/15