Monday, October 1, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Wkbk pg. 83- 85 and sea floor spreading DUE Thursday
                          Math: Ch 4.1  writing algebra expressions 
SANTA CRUZ- English: study notes and vocabulary words for Egypt same test on                 wed.
                            History:  Hammurabi code close sentences worksheet 
MENDEZ-Science (hd) earths lithospheric plates due wed. 
                  Math: practice page 5 adding integers evens 
RODRIGUEZ-Science work book page. 85 all except abc 
                         Math: finish text book pg 38 6-27 workbook 1-28 due wed,
SALAZAR- Math subtracting integers and adding integers handout and pop quiz
                   Science: wkbk pg 75-77, 79-80 83, 84, 85  
VALADEZ- History: Hammurabi code (worksheet due wed) 
                     English: finish Ch. 5 question catch UD with reading counts Reading  
GONZALEZ- English: study for the egypt game quiz 
                        History: Hammurabi worksheet 
                         Read 180: none
JURADO- English: GUM 22-24 study for spelling quiz bring back signed Scranton
                   History: none  

7th Grade
DAVIS- worksheet multiplying fractions and mixed numbers must do flow map 
DOMINGUEZ- Hispanic heritage report due 10/5. vocabulary development for china pg 165 
KHEYFETS- per1: spelling vocab pg 13-14-101-102 
per 2: vocabulary page 25
per 3: inference quiz tomorrow 
per 5: George and lennie american dream 
MIRKHANI- work on any missing assignments 
MORENO, R- complete pg 101,102 pg 133
LAMOTTE- multiplying fractions and mixed numbers must make flow map 

8th Grade
WISDOM- packet due tomorrow complete reflection frame self-check parent signature 

PLOTKE-per 1: read pg 6 and 8 rhythm study pg 43 # 1-10 
per 2:  beigebk pg 6-15 
per 4:  read bk pg 6-11 rhythm study pg 43 1-10
per 5: book page 2-3 
per 6: blue bk pg 5-7
MONTANARO- theory lessons 
BURLESON- bring clothes