Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
                                                     Homework Blog Spot

6th Grade
CARBONELL- Per. 3: NO Homework 
                          Per. 5: NO Homework
                          Science: Finish packet and study guide
SANTA CRUZ-English: Spelling pg. 102, brace maps, sign tests DUE Tomorrow
                          History: NO Homework
MENDEZ-Science: Finish ch. 4 concept map 
                 Math: Finish CW
RODRIGUEZ- Science: WB pg. 86-90
                         Math: WS expressions
SALAZAR-Math: pg. 153 #8-21
                   Science: Wkbk pages and work packet
VALADEZ- History: Hammurabi summary DUE Tomorrow 
                     English: Per. 3:  Group 1: Read 20 minutes
                                                 Group 2: Grammar WB pg. 23
                                     Per. 5: Spelling WB pg. 101-102 and brace map
GONZALEZ-Read 180: Present tense verbs 
                       English: pg. 101-102 and brace map
                       History: NO Homework
JURADO-History: Finish Final draft of paragraph 
                  English: Vocabulary sheet

7th Grade
DAVIS- Calculate BM for your 5 famous people
DOMINGUEZ- Section 4 Assessment pg. 186 #1-4 Q+A
MIRKHANI- Cell project DUE Tomorrow and finish any missing assignments
MORENO, R- NO Homework
LA MOTTE-  Calculate all 5 BMI's for your project on loose leaf

8th Grade
ALLEN- Txtbk pg 138 #1-10
LAMOTTE- Finish vocabulary chains
MORENO, C- 1st rough draft is DUE Tomorrow DP Essay 

PLOTKE-Writes her homework on  her blog
BURLESON- Bring P.E. clothes
STASILLI- Research Altamite Frishbe
DURAN- NO Homework