Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6th Grade
CARBONELL-Science: WB pg. 82-85 sea-floor spreading 
                        Math per. 3,5: Practice WB 213 even only
SANTA CRUZ-English: Spelling study guide: Finish/study for Fri. test( DUE Tomorrow)
                           History: Hammurabi's code poster must be be colored back side(DUE Friday)
MENDEZ-Science: Finish drawing 
                 Math Per. 3: HO-Solving equations
                Per. 5: NO Homework
RODRIGUEZ- Math: Finish integer study guide
                         Science: Make-up of re-do test/quizzes
SALAZAR-Science: Wkbk pgs. Tkbk pg. 155 #1-13 all
                   Math: NO Homework
VALADEZ-History: Design and about Hammurabi's code(DUE Friday)
                    English Per. 3: Review for quiz tomorrow 
                   Per. 5: Vocab. sentences and pics. 
GONZALEZ- History: Continue to work on Hammurabi's HQ DUE Friday
                       English: The Egypt Game quiz signature
                       Read 180: NO Homework
JURADO- History: Hammurabi's code poster
                   English: Ch. 6 questions and Ch. 6 journals

7th Grade
DAVIS- Wkbk pg. 315 (1-19) skip #9 and 19 and 2-20 x.c. skip 318 and 20- *Must do a flow map
DOMINGUEZ- Vocabulary Development of China DUE Friday
LAMOTTE-Wkbk practice 5-4 pg. 315 #'s 1-17 odd or 1-17 all for x.c. except 
#9 *Must do a flow map
MIRKHANI- Work on all missing assignments and digital portfolio
MORENO, R- NO homework

8th Grade
ALLEN-Finish Ch. 3 study guide (13-24)
TEITELBAUM-Ch. 3 notes packet DUE Friday
LAMOTTE-Work on Ch. 3 concept map
WISDOM-Complete U3A1

DENNERT-Final draft DUE Tomorrow
PLOTKE-Has her homework on online
BURLESON-Bring P.E. clothes
STASILLI- Study your study guide
DURAN-Finish 1st draft
KHEYFETS-Per. 1: Vocab. and spelling lesson 1-7 DUE Friday
                   Per. 2: SRI reflection signed
                    Per. 3: Inference quiz signed