Monday, October 15, 2012

Tuesday: October 15, 2012
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6th Grade
CARBONELL- Science: Finish packet and finish study guide (Test Friday), reflection sheet (DUE 19)
SANTA CRUZ- English: Grammar book pg. 23
MENDEZ- Math: Finish +10: Both sides
                  Science: Ch. 4 packet cover sheet
RODRIGUEZ- Science: Ch. 4.5 vocabulary DUE Tuesday and WB pg. 86-90 DUE Wednesday
                         Math: Fix composition book and binders
SALAZAR- Science: Wkbk pg. 75-77,79,80,83,84,85,87,88,89
                    Math: NO Homework 
VALADEZ- History: Finish final draft of Hammurabi summary DUE Wednesday 
                     English: Per. 3: Group 1: Grammar WB pg. 23
                                                 Group 2: Read for 20 mins. 
                                     Per. 5: Grammar WB pg. 22-23
GONZALEZ- History: Complete paragraphs 
                        English: Finish pg. 22-23  
                        Read 180: NO Homework
JURADO- History: Finish rough draft of paragraph
                   English: Finish vocabulary sheet

7th Grade
DAVIS- Packet DUE Tomorrow
DOMINGUEZ- Section 3 Assessment pg. 129 #1-3 Q+A
LA MOTTE- Put together PP #3 
MIRKHANI- Do cell project DUE Wednesday 10-17 and work on missing assignments
MORENO, R- Create a word search using all 30 words and complete CW

8th Grade
TEITELBAUM- Finish fish bone diagram
LAMOTTE- Wkbk practice 3-6 pg. 237 #2-28 even or 1-28 all for x.c. and Ch. test and reflection signatures  
WISDOM- Wkbk pgs. 

PLOTKE-Writes her  own homework on her blog
DURAN- NO Homework
LEANDRO- NO Homework