Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012
                                                 Homework Blog Spot

6th Grade
CARBONELL-Per. 3-Finish class work
                         Per. 5-Wksht #1 and read Ch. 5 pgs. 168-202
SANTA CRUZ-English: Grammar pg. 25-26 and mind maps (DUE Next Monday)
                          History: Study for test grapes study guide 
MENDEZ-Math: Finish class work 
                Science: Reflection questions and test signed 
RODRIGUEZ-Math: T 13 pg. 158 #3-21
                        Science: Study guide Ch. 4
SALAZAR-Math: Txbk pg. 162 #4-15 checking Wednesday 
                   Science: NO Homework
VALADEZ- History: Study for tomorrow's test on Ch. 3
                     English: Group 1- Grammar pg. 26-27 
                                    Group 2-Ch. 6 Egypt Game 
                     Per. 5: Grammar pg. 25-27
GONZALEZ-History: Study grapes 
                       Read 180: Final paragraph DUE Wednesday (type in 12 size font, Times New Roman)
                       English: Grammar pg. 25-27
JURADO-History: pg. 81 #1-8, pg. 83 #1-7 ( DUE Tomorrow)
                  English: GM pg. 25-26

7th Grade
DAVIS-Wkbk practice 4-7 pg. 295 evens (all for x.c.) and bio- person #3
DOMINGUEZ-Vocab. Development pg. 197 DUE 10/25
LA MOTTE-Wkbk practice 4-7 pg. 295 evens (all for x.c.)
MIRKHANI-Vocab. words (on loose leaf paper DUE Tomorrow)
MORENO, R-Complete spelling CW pg. 105-106

8th Grade
ALLEN-Txbk pg. 156 #8-15
TEITELBAUM-Vocab. and parent signature DUE Wednesday 
LAMOTTE-Txbk pg. 221-222 #7-24 all
MORENO, C-Finish vocab. LS 17-18 pg. 33-36 and finish A6 Final draft of essay

LEANDRO- NO Homework 
PLOTKE- Puts her homework on her blog
DURAN-NO Homework 
KHEYFETS-Read 180:Per. 1- Language Arts spelling on vocab. pg. 17-18 and 105-106
                                       Per. 3- Test signed